Paid Adverts -v- Free?

Should you pay to advertise a garage sale?
Yes, but only after you’ve done your research and due diligence.

Don’t pay to advertise until you know the web site has traffic (no traffic means no customers).

Why This Page?

This page was created as a rebuttal to misleading information found on

A regular reader said it contained errors and opinions.. lets see why.

Robert Polman, owner manager of wrote an article / commentary page asking the question whether “it pays to advertise”.

We’ve broken down each of his statements and responded to each..

Robert Polman writes..

I’m sometimes asked why a fee is charged to advertise a garage sale on Egaragesales when there are other web sites which don’t charge a fee. The main reason Egaragesales charges a small fee, is that Egaragesales is totally dedicated to helping people advertise their garage sale, and to helping people find specific things at garage sales.

We say..

Dedicated provided you PAY the advertising fee. He’s not helping anyone to anything, except himself to the advertisers’ dollar. So, the reason he charges a fee is not dedication or wanting to help, it is income!

Robert Polman writes..

Egaragesales is not in business to earn money by displaying Google Ads or promoting other businesses (unless helpful to Garage salers). The two primary roles of the Egaragesales web site led to the trademarked slogan “Egaragesales – helping buyers and sellers meet”. That’s what Egaragesales does best.

We say..

Egaragesales is in the business of generating an income from the advertiser, skipping the Google process. His model does not display Google Ads because he makes lots of money direct from advertiser’s. And we should clarify, they are not “Google’s advert’s” but advert’s paid for by advertiser’s through Google. They target web sites like Gazza’s because we generate a lot of traffic (eyeballs). So, when Robert poo-poo’s Google he is poo-pooing advertiser’s. Incidently, advertises using Google Adwords, so its a bit rich.. do as I say, not as I do.

Oh please.. helping buyers and sellers meet, Rob make lots of money “helping people meet”.

Robert Polman writes..

There is a significant cost to running, maintaining and checking content on web sites. At Egaragesales, we don’t pay for these costs by subjecting our Users to an endless barrage of unrelated Google Ads and third party ads. Our primary and sole focus is to help garage salers exchange goods, and we feel that Google Ads and other advertising would only distract garage salers from this purpose. Why would you want someone who clicks on your garage sale ad, to see an interesting Google ad, click on it, and be taken away from your ad – maybe never to return? Are you here to advertise your garage sale, or to make money for Google?

We say..

There are costs running every business and how you elect to cover those costs is your ‘business model’. What you never do is poo-poo another business model because it’s different to your own. We don’t think you should subject your customers to an endless barrage of bleating about how the competition is beating you at the same game.

Robert Polman writes..

Egaragesales doesn’t forget the all important buyers either. The web site provides extensive dedicated search tools which help buyers easily find your ad and quickly work out what you are selling. So, while we are focussed on maximising the exposure of your ad by removing the distractions of third party ads, we are also very aware that buyers need to be able to browse ads quickly and easily to find what they want.

Egaragesales attracts potential buyers to your ad by making it easy for buyers to search through the ads with a minimum of clicking. Buyers can check a listing of suburbs, then browse the garage sales in just two clicks, because the summary view of your ad provides enough information for a buyer to decide if your garage sale ad needs a closer look. If it does, one more click opens your ad in full. Couldn’t be easier for the searcher. And you’ll know how many times your ad has been clicked by checking your Ad View Counter. Garage sale buyers around Australia use Egaragesales to find garage sales.

We say..

After we finished laughing, dedicated search tools? Rob is a dedicated tool! Again, every business provides a method of displaying their content. In our case (below) a full print list can be achieved in just 3 clicks. Try that at… minimum 30 clicks for the same number of garage sales.. if they ever got 30 ads that is.

Which brings me to $$$.

  • 30 adverts = $300+ profit at
  • 30 adverts = $0 profit at

Robert Polman writes..

If considering a free web site to advertise your garage sale, you might like to think about the following:

  • Does the web site owner have a face, a name and a phone number on the web site?
  • How easy is it to find a garage sale? Pick a suburb and try. It needs to be really easy.
  • Are ads kept up to date, or are there a lot of expired ads still showing?
  • Is the address still showing in the expired ads? (Not at Egaragesales where we value privacy)
  • How does it pay for costs of operation? Through Google ads or by collecting your contact information?
  • Will they take the time to check your ad for errors – and fix them?
  • Can you edit your garage sale ad anytime you want without fuss – even during your sale?
  • Are the buyers using the site?

Because Egaragesales was set up purely to help buyers and sellers, placing your garage sale ad on Egaragesales will help you produce great results and make it easy for the buyers to find you.

We say..

  • Who really cares if a web site has a face or phone number?
  • Who ever picks ONE suburb? Our stats show the average buyer prints over 20 sales, in different suburb’s.
  • Dates? Ours expire automatically so we don’t know who Rob is referring (probably Gumtree).
  • Time to check ads.. so you should Rob, they PAID you to check their advert, they just don’t realise very few people ever see your ads.
  • Buyers, well, 20,000 buyers every weekend.. how many have you got Rob?

“purely” means = entirely – for that reason only. Rob, are you suggesting that the only reason egaragesales was set-up was to “help” ? You are telling the world, that it was not to make money but purely to ‘help’ people. If that is purely the reason, then purely offer free advertising.

We’ve got nothing against a paid advertising business model, but please Rob, don’t criticize other business models. Rob, you don’t have a network, you have a web site. A network is a group of web sites that share data. Unless there is something you’re not telling us.

Garage Sale Print List (3 clicks)

1. Click on your state

Scroll down the list of sales. If you want to know more about a sale then hover your mouse over the title and a pop-up will show you the full advert. This saves valuable time clicking backwards and forwards for more information as found on all ‘paid’ web sites.

If you like the sale and wish to include it on your print list, place a CHECK in the small square box to the left of the title.

2. Once you selected all the sales you wish to include, scroll to the bottom and click on the button that says Print Selected Sales.

3. Click to print a very simple page of the sales you selected

  • Date | Address | Times

Get cracking.. time to visit a few ‘hundred’ sales every weekend, not a few miserly paid ads seen on the desperado pay-only garage sale web sites.

Our ads are 100% free, subsidised by the ads seen at the top of most pages and the OnlyCity network. Bit like TV, its free subsidised by the advertisers.

Who is this information aimed at?

It is 100% aimed at Rob Polmam in response to his article which took aim at this and other web sites.
Some advertisers’ are willing to pay, some are not. That is the advertisers’ choice which we respect, just as Rob should respect our choice of business model.

How focussed is Rob on money?… Take Australia’s biggest garage sales day of the year, Garage Sale Trail Day held in October each year.

To give you some idea of its popularity, the trail has over 5,000 garage sales, how many did Rob have?.. 36, and not one mention of the trail anywhere on his web site. Don’t see him helping anyone on that weekend except for greedy Rob!

October 2013 – We requested Rob remove his page or correct the statements but as you can see, its still there.

Would the real Rob Polman please stand up?

We had a chuckle reading the line that says.. Does the web site owner have a face

egaragesales has more faces than Rod Stewart has wives.

Would the real Rob Polman please stand up?