Apia ‘Garage Sale’ – Advertising

A series of adverts on TV and radio for APIA Insurance targetting garage sales.

Apia takes a look at the real-life, relatable moments over 50s experience with its new campaign via DDB Group Melbourne.

  • APIA Health Insurance – Switching your insurance
  • APIA Multi-Policy Discounts – Hipsters
  • APIA Home Insurance – Selling the family home

Our favourite advert..


Ukulele-playing over 50s return to promote APIA health insurance

The ukulele-playing over 50s who featured in APIA’s ‘I wish I knew then, what I know now’ ad which was last year banned by the advertising watchdog are back to promote the health insurance agency.

This iteration of the campaign, also created by DDB Melbourne, features the same song – ‘Oh-la-la’ by The Faces – in the background.

The ads are all set at a garage sale and promote over 50s getting rid of things they don’t need – including health insurance policies which no longer work for them.

Travis Hughes, marketing manager at APIA, said in a statement: “Apia is in a unique space having a very set target market, which allows us to explore the moments and attitudes that matter to this audience without trying to relate to everyone.”

Stuart Turner, ECD at DDB Melbourne, added: “By showing meaningful life stage moments our audience can connect with, like selling the family home or reviewing their health insurance, these spots speak to culture and look to build feeling – both of which are at the heart of everything we do here at DDB Group Melbourne.”

Last year, DDB Melbourne and APIA launched the campaign, but it caught the ire of the Advertising Standards Board (ASB), which ruled the young men taking selfies whilst in the car trivialised a very serious matter. Given the ad showed the men recovering from the almost crash, the ASB said the ad was not clear that taking selfies whilst driving was “the wrong thing to do”.

Ukulele-playing over 50s return to promote APIA health insurance January 24, 2018 9:34
by ABIGAIL DAWSON | mumbrella.com.au