About Gazza

Gazza’s Garage Sales is Australia’s most popular garage sales website.

Dedicated to publishing free and featured garage sale advertising every week since 2004.

The website is managed by the team at Ripefruit Media based in Melbourne.

Feaured (paid) advertisers are welcome to call if they require assistance.


Gazza loves garage sales.. but if the truth be known, the website should have been called Lynda’s Garage Sales because it’s his better half that REALLY loves garage sales.

She simply can’t go past a garage sale without stopping for a look.

It was Lynda’s love of garage sales that drove Gazza into creating Gazza’s Garage Sales, a place where everyday Aussies can come and:

  • Advertise their garage sale
  • Build a list of garage sales to go to
  • Learn all about garage sales


Australia is the garage sale capital of the world!

There are more garage sales held per head in Australia than any other country in the world, well in excess of Yard Sales held in the USA.

Go for a drive any weekend and you will see garage sale balloons and posters everywhere.

A garage sale is a fun, profitable way of clearing out unwanted items and pocketing some very handy dollars. 

They are also a fun way of grabbing a bargain, finding unusual and hard-to-find items.

You meet interesting people at garage sales, the seller, other shoppers, local community.


Life in the suburbsGazza’s Garage Sales website started life as Street Garage Sales in February 2004 promoting a garage sale in Beavers Road, Northcote, Victoria.

At the time..

On behalf of all the letterboxes in Australia, I have great pleasure in announcing a Street Garage Sale will be held on Saturday 28th February 2004 in Beavers Road Northcote Victoria 3070. Source: Way Back Machine

Street Garage Sales encouraged neighbours to work together and have a STREET garage sale.  With an attitude of ‘more the merrier’, neighbours share the workload of planning, organising and marketing a street garage sale with fabulous outcomes.

We have now published over 30,000 garage sales including over 500 “street” garage sales over a 10 year period, all for free!

Finally, after 10 fun years (2014), we decided it was time for a new name and a facelift… welcome Gazza’s!

The aim of SGS and Gazza’s has never changed..

Encourage neighbours to communicate and work together as a community.


  • To encourage conversation and discussion between neighbours.
  • Create a better understanding of local community issues
  • Provide a cost-free opportunity for people to dispose of unwanted goods

This website is maintained by the team at Ripefruit.

 Anyone wishing to advertise a garage sale may do so without cost, but is invited to support a charity. View Charities

 It only takes enthusiasm to give it a go.

Sounds like a great Australian idea!


 A reflection of life as a letterbox, growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

Life in the suburbsGrowing up

I remember when home was nothing more than a bread-tin on top of a fence post, but growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne meant I got to watch the children play, ALL day!

Children loved playing in the street.. footy, bikes and billycarts, hop skip and jump, anything that was fun. And being Melbourne, meant there were kids from every country on the planet, Italians, Greeks, Yugoslav’s.

Today, sadly, there’s lot’s to worry about like stranger danger, cars and other undesirables.

Time to put the community back into the suburbs.


The concept of the letterbox was put forward by a young designer in 2004 and one that has remained ever since.  There is something about a letterbox that every householder identifies with, and something we all hold dear to our hearts.