Advert Editor

Complete a request form (below) to request changes to an advert.

Please see below for limitations* – Standard & Featured Adverts.

Advert Edit Service

re CANCEL: Not required for same day ads: adverts automatically expire at midnight


Changes are activated within 24 hours.


The following limitations apply to updates:

Standard Advert

  • Date reschedule
  • Time change
  • Cancellation (not same day)
  • Upgrade here

Featured Advert

  • Address – modify
  • Address – Show / Hide
  • Weather – On / Off
  • Early Bird
  • Description
  • Images (add)
  • Links – social media / other

You are more than welcome to Upgrade the advert from Standard to Featured and before requesting changes.


  • Not nesessary if sale was on today (ads automatically expire)
  • Service is for adverts dated in the future (not today or past).
  • Adverts may be rescheduled to another date

Frequently Asked Questions