How & Where to Advertise a Garage Sale

Gazza says it easy to advertise a garage sale, and makes the point it is an important part of planning a sale.  Let’s face it, if no-one knows about your garage sale, then you won’t have customers.

Some call it promotion, others call it marketing, but whatever you call it, it’s getting the word out when and where your garage sale is on.

Garage Sale Advertising

The success will largely depend on how many people know about your sale.

  • Flyers – Local shops, council, library, shopping centre, community and sporting groups.
  • Press – Local newspapers and magazines.
  • Online – Web sites like
  • Radio – some stations broadcast addresses on weekends.

On the day Advertising

  • Signs* and balloons at street ends.
    Back streets should have direction signs leading from main roads.


* Don’t forget to remove the signs and balloons at the end of the sale.

Say it loud and say it clear!

SHOUT about your sale to attract as many visitors as possible.


Yes, there are a number of web sites like Gazza’s that specialise in garage sales advertising.  Some are free, some are not.

Warning: Beware advertising your ‘address’.  If you do not want Early Bird callers and Professional Buyers turning up on your doorstep before time, do NOT advertise your address*.  One of the worst culprits is Gumtree, they may be free, but they attract unwanted attention and phone calls.  Read Gumtree Article

Gazza provides advertisers with a Privacy Setting which hides the address until 7pm the day before the sale.


A number of radio stations around the country broadcast garage sale addresses on Saturday mornings. Start listening to different stations to find which ones do garage sales.

Melbourne – SEN116 Bruce Eva (known as Beva) will give sales a plug in his ‘Leave it to Beva’ segment with Francis Leach between 2:30 and 3:00pm next Thursday. Bruce also produces ‘Hungry For Sport’ with Kevin Bartlett so will include a couple of mentions in KB’s program (9am – Midday) over the course of the week.  3AW on Saturday mornings in the Big Shop.


Most newspapers have a Garage Sales section under For Sale in classifieds. These adverts attract a huge audience and well worth the cost of advertising. Incidently, stick to the simplest, plainest advert that includes your suburb in bold on one line, your address on the next, and the date and time on the next line.

123 Smith Street
Saturday 3rd Nov
Household bric brac


Why not tell your neighbours that you are having a sale.  Not only will they be potential customers, they might decide to also have a sale on the same day.  More sales will attract more customers.

Sample Resident Invitation

If you intend inviting neighbours to join and make it a ‘street’ sale, give as many weeks notice as possible, by dropping each resident a small note..
See our sample Beavers Road Street Garage Sale

Fact Sheets

 Street Garage Sales


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