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Advertising: Frequently Asked Questions

Why FREE advertising?

So we can show readers as many sales as possible.

Are there any catches with free adverts?  None, NO emails, sign-ups, newsletter or confirmations.

All advertisers are required to include a residence number but can elect whether to show the number (Privacy Select).

Free Advertising T&C

One complimentary application per year for a sale in a private residential dwelling  (house, flat, apartment):

  • Driveway, footpath, garage, shed, garden, patio .. Apply Here
  • Fundraisers, fetes, fairs and not-for-profit events .. Apply Here

If an application fails, resubmit a Featured Advert application.

Non-Private (Business) Advertising T&C

  • Shops, factories, builders, pop-ups, discount, closing down, stocktake, factory):  from $8.95… Apply Here

How much does it cost to advertise?

When to advertise and when will the advert be live?
Post the advert as soon as you know the date.  We accept adverts up to 12 months in advance.

Adverts are checked and activated within 24 hours | Applications checked daily, all day Friday and weekends.

Late Advertising
Can I advertise a sale that’s on today?  Yes, here

Do I need to advise when the sale has finished?
No.  Adverts automatically expire at midnight on the date of sale.

Can I change the advert details?
Yes, go to the Advert Editor | More Information

Can I cancel an advert?
Yes, go to the Advert Editor | More Information

Address | Why aren’t some addresses shown.
The advertiser has requested to hide the address for PRIVACY reasons.
When an advertiser selects HIDE, the address (number & street name) is only shown on sale day.
Reasons to hide an address: Read about Privacy | Gumtree Ads | Professional Buyers

Number | I do not want to show my number?
No problem, select HIDE and it will remain totally hidden until sale day.

Early Bird Warning?
This tells people not to arrive before the designated start time. Unfortunately, some buyers (often professional traders) turn up early while you’re trying to set-up. Not only is it inconvenient, it can also be a security concern.

School / Fundraising Events?
They are very welcome (free). Submit an application and select a ‘Fundraiser’ or ‘Fete | Fair’ banner.

What about advertising in the What’s On network?
Sure, we manage the What’s On network advertising as well.
Over 65,000 visitors seeing your garage sale advert for $8.95, what a bargain!
Learn more here.

*Phone Numbers, Web Links & Email Addresses
Contact information is required to validate the advertiser but remains confidential.
Telephone numbers, address and web links (social media) are removed from advert descriptions to comply with Australian Privacy Laws.


  • Standard Advert: Not applicable
  • Featured Advert: 3 photographs*

*To comply with Australian Copyright, 3 photographs (not artwork), taken by the advertiser of the items for sale. One upload allowed.

I can’t find my advert?

I have another question that has not been answered here. Can I call you?
No you can’t telephone, but you can email Gazza.