Inactive Adverts

The adverts shown here have been rejected* during review or cancelled by the advertiser.

  • Bentleigh - Rejected - Not Garage Sale



Failed Applications

Common reasons an application fails during review:

  • Missing or no house number
  • Address incomplete or missing
  • Duplicate application for same address
  • Held on commercial premises (not a garage sale**)

Once an advert has been rejected, only a Featured Advert may be submitted for the address.

** Sale (Not Residential)

Sales held on commercial premises are not considered as residential sales.
(Discount, closing down, stocktake, factory, etc), please consider a Featured Advert.

Cancelled Adverts

We show adverts that have been cancelled up until the date of the sale.

They are shown for readers who have seen the advert when it was live and possibly bookmarked it.